How do you use an essential oil diffuser?

Currently, most families use an essential oil diffuser in the living room, bedroom or office. Use an essential oil diffuser to repel mosquitoes, remove bacteria, purify the air in your family room, bring comfort to all members with a new atmosphere, especially good for health. Essential oil diffuser has many benefits in life, but not all families know how to use it safely and effectively. So today, this article will present How do you use an essential oil diffuser?

How does the essential oil diffuser work?

When you enter a house having children, you will often see images of a diffuser to purify the air, antibacterial, and prevent insects such as flies and mosquitoes. This is a type of aroma machine using pure natural essential oils so 100% safe for children. And it works on the basic principle, as follows. The essential oil diffuser uses special ultrasonic technology to diffuse the essential oil molecules to maximize their use. Essentially, the essential oil diffuser’s ultrasonic device can separate the oil droplets into millions of small molecules, so that natural oils are diffuse faster, more efficiently and save a significant amount of essential oil. Unlike room sprays, scented waxes, or scented candles that create fragrances, essential oil diffusers have a great ability to help you relax at home like you are experiencing a relaxing spa experience.

How to use the essential oil diffuser properly

Currently, on the market, the oil essential diffuser has many beautiful designs and models and all have the same basic structure, so you absolutely can choose any type of diffuser. Specifically, structure on how to use an oil essential diffuser will be as follows:
  • Firstly, open the lid of your diffuser
  •  Pour a sufficient amount of clean water into the container. Ideally, the amount of water should be above the minimum MIN and lower than the maximum that MAX has been provided by the manufacturer on the box. Note that warm water should be used instead of cold water to shorten the time to warm the water and increase the efficiency of oil diffusion.
  • Add about 5-10 drops of your favorite plant essential oil to the water.
  • Plug the power of the diffuser to the power source.
  • urn on the MIST switch on the machine to start working.
In addition, the essential oil diffuser has other utility functions:
  • Timer mode: The use of essential oil diffusers for too long is also not good, you can take advantage of the timer function of the machine at 1h, 2h or 3h.
  • Operating mode for 30 seconds then take a break for 30 seconds to prevent the machine from operating beyond the allowed limit
  • Change the speed of the oil spraying force by leaving it for 2s at the MIST button
In general, the principle of operation of the essential oil diffusers is quite the same, the usage is rather simple, nothing complicated so you can rest assured to use. However, before buying and using, you must pay attention to the very important notes below.

Notes when using an essential oil diffuser

To ensure the effectiveness when using the essential oil diffuser and safe for your health and the health of your loved ones, you need to pay attention to the following points:
  • Choose a reputable manufacturer
Essential oil diffusing machine is becoming more and more popular, so there are many brands and products spreading on the market, in which it is inevitable that counterfeit goods, poor quality goods, floating goods, of unknown origin. If the product selection is not guaranteed to be very dangerous for customers during use. Many people often do not know where to buy essential oil diffusers to ensure the quality and reputation of the brand, after-sales policy, … You can buy essential oil diffusers on Amazon or shopping malls in which are confident to provide essential oil diffusers from high-quality, genuine and reputable brands
  • Do not use too much essential oil
Too much of something is not good. You should not pour too much essential oil into the machine because the high dose will cause the essential oil to radiate a strong, unpleasant feeling. Moreover, it wastes pure essential oils.
  • Regularly clean the essential oil diffuser
When you want to use a new kind of essential oil, you should clean the tray, saucer to discourage the mixed smell of essential oils. In addition, every 2 weeks you should clean your diffuser very clean.
  • Keep away from combustible materials
It is best to keep your essential oil diffuser away from combustible materials, and also keep it out of the reach of children to ensure safety for your baby.

Wrapping up

Hopefully, through the information shared above, you have found the answer to the question of How do you use an essential oil diffuses and find yourself the best diffuser. Any information needs advice and answers about essential oil diffusers, please contact us for timely support.

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